Phasechange was founded in 1999 by Amanda Wilson and Justin Gagen to facilitate releases by their music project, Redzone.

After a dozen albums, a DVD, and a number of E.Ps and singles, the final Redzone album (cracked) was released in 2016, after which the label was placed on hiatus.

Wilson released two solo albums (as Kassia Flux) on the (now defunct) Linear Obsessional label: I Hear You in 2018 and Ergot in the Wine in 2019. These works are now available via Phasechange.

Shortly after completing recording for her third solo album, Wilson passed away in 2020, and this album, Chaotic Pendulum, was posthumously released on August 23rd, 2023.

Phasechange now exists to ensure that Wilson's body of work, both solo and collaborative, remains available, and provides an outlet for Gagen's projects, including The Life/Death Binary and We Walk The Earth.

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